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As two mothers of a total of four children, we know well the days full of weeping, sleepless nights and those fragile beginnings of getting to know each other with the baby, trying to find out what the little one likes, how to calm him or her down and when the baby feels comfortable. And because we know how difficult this period is, we wanted to try a unique concept of the so-called baby nests. When we first sewed such nests, tested them on our own babies and saw the results, we decided to establish the MimiConcept® brand so we could share our excitement with other parents. From soft and cosy nests for new-borns, our product portfolio has gradually expanded to include cots bumpers, baskets, sleeping bags, wraps and other accessories that help children to feel safe and fall asleep happily.

We wish you many beautiful moments on your life journey and thank you for your trust.

Yours Silvia and Kristýna

Our most popular products


At home, we prefer the nest and sleeping bag - we couldn't live without it. My sons sleep in it, we have it in the pram, in the nest, and I also take it to a car or a plane. With every wash becomes softer and softer and I have the feeling that children rest on on it like it was a pillow. I like that the baby has a beautifully wrapped head in it and as the baby grows, the hood opens and the baby can continue to enjoy it.


My favourite are hand-knit baskets. We have a storey house full of children, dogs and life, so the basket is the ideal solution for me. I can easily carry it around the house from floor to floor with one hand, while my other hand is free to caress all other members of the household. A basket in conjunction with a feather wrap is my "must have" for every modern family. Moreover, its priceless advantage is its design. The basket just looks good everywhere and best on the dining table when I'm having a cup of coffee.

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