As mothers of three children (fourth on the way), we are quite familiar with sleepless nights with a crying baby, and we know how careful the first moments are. At the beginning of our story, there was a common desire to give our children the feeling of peace, comfort, and safety when they are falling asleep and to provide them with beautiful dreams and undisturbed sleep.

We wanted to give our babies as pleasant feelings as in their mother's embrace, and that’s when we discovered the concept of the so-called baby nests abroad. We made the first soft and cosy nest of softened cotton and gave it to our babies to try. They fell asleep almost immediately after we placed them in there and the miracle of a happy sleep saw the light of the world.

Gradually, we have developed our original idea, and other products started to appear in our offer. All of them, of course, carefully checked and tested by our little experts.

Now, we would like to offer the same opportunities to your babies and wish you as many beautiful moments together as possible.