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1. What materials is the MimiConcept® babynest made from?
The MimiConcept® babynest is produced from the best materials, which correspond to an Oeko-Tex 1st class certificate, suitable for children up to three years old. The surface fabric is 100% cotton.
The filler material is made from polyester fibres and a polyether foam mattress, again corresponding to an Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate, 1st class.
All the materials are anti-bacterial, air-permeable and suitable for washing at 40°C.
2. Can a breastfeeding pillow replace the MimiConcept® babynest?
No, it cannot. A breastfeeding pillow is more for a mum than for a baby to sleep with.
Breastfeeding pillows move about, but MimiConcept® babynest retains its shape. It grows with your baby until it is approximately seven/eight months old.
Thanks to its shape, in it a baby can safety train lying on it's belly and raising it's head thanks to buffers which will support baby's body.
The MimiConcept® babynest is great for prams, for travelling instead of a travel cot, it can also act as a changing mat and helps you move your baby to it's own bed when the time will come.
3. What is the difference between the Delux and Natur babynest?
The Delux type is more decorated than the Natur type and is produced from more types of materials. The Natur babynest is simpler and, instead of satin ribbons, the babynest is let out using a retractable cord and slider.
4. Where can you use the MimiConcept® babynest?
The MimiConcept® babynest is a great assistant in all situations. It allows co-sleeping, without you having to worry you could lie on your baby. It facilitates movement to a baby’s own cot and helps baby get used to sleeping alone.
It can replace a travel cot or baby-changing mat.
5. Up to what age is the MimiConcept® babynest appropriate?
The MimiConcept® babynest is suitable from birth until approximately 7-8 months of age. The MimiConcept babynest grows with your baby :-) For later on, we have BigMimi - the big size which is for kids from 7months untill 36 months.
6. Can I wash the MimiConcept® babynest?
Yes, you can! You can wash the babynest in a washer at 40°C after taking the mattress out. We recommend carefully studying the user manual.
7. How large is the MimiConcept® babynest?
The size of the babynest can be regulated thanks to the sliding cords and ribbons. The babynest grows with your baby.
Internal dimensions of 26 cm (width) x 70 cm (height)
External dimensions of 46 cm (width) x 80 cm (height)
8. Does the MimiConcept® babynest work with a respiratory monitor?
Yes! You can put a respiratory monitor under the babynest, or a cot mattress and it will monitor your baby’s breathing without problems. 
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