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Not only a beautiful home accessory, but this handwoven basket made of dried elephant grass is also a completely natural cot suitable for your newborn baby. Each basket has been selected to be entirely unique. Baskets are made manually in Ghana, Africa. With your purchase, you will support fair trade and enable the Ghanaian people to continue their traditional crafts, passed down by generations for centuries.

The basket includes the mattress.
It must be noted that these baskets should only be used on a flat surface (floor) when a baby is inside. Never carry the baby in the basket. If you move from room to room, carry the basket and baby separately. To be used only by newborns, before they begin rolling or pushing up after that, use your basket as a beautiful storage for fresh linen, toys, magazines or whatever.

Material: All materials used are 100% natural. Baskets are made of “kinkahe”, also known as “elephant grass”, which grows wildly in Ghana and is incredibly strong and suitable for weaving. These unique African baskets will impart a touch of style to all rooms in your house or apartment. Every piece is an original.

Dimensions: lenght 77 cm × width 42 cm × height 28 cm

Cleaning instruction
Basket can be wiped or rinsed under water. If the basket is misshaped:
- Run under cold water
- Allow to sit for 5 minutes
- Gently reshape the basket
- Allow to fully dry in an airy space, due to natural nature of basket it can mold if left wet. 
Cotton sheet can be washed warm and tumble low. Pads should be washed with cover and air dried. Please do not wash separately. 

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