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The goose feather swaddle blanket is the best option for swaddling your baby. The goose feathers filling offers the baby an accurate and correct position for lying. It will allow the baby to keep his or her body in the correct axis, and it supports the baby exactly where needed. A soft feather pad prevents baby's head bedsore.

The feather swaddle blanket offers the baby a feeling of warmth, softness, and cosiness that the baby remembers from his or her mother's belly.
The swaddle blanket is easy to carry in the arms, use in cradles, in a pram, and it ideally serves for the first weeks and months in the nest, which then lasts until 6 months.

The swaddle blanket is tied using cords, which allow flexibility of the swaddle blanket tightness.

The feather swaddle blanket can then be used as a pillow or quilt.

Dimensions approximately 80x80 cm

Surface material: 100% cotton
Inside material: bedtick from Czech goose feathers

All used materials have the OKO-TEX standard 100 EU certificate for textile ecology.

Washing at 30 degrees in the washing machine.

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