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Safety for your baby

Some people believe that infants and small children should not sleep in bed with their parents. On the contrary, a lot of people believe that a common bedroom provides valuable emotional benefits. We ourselves have found that “co-sleeping” and “bed-sharing” are very beneficial for both children and parents. We sleep with our children in bed with a MimiConcept nest and cannot praise this habit highly enough. Whatever activity we are performing, our children’s safety comes first. It is therefore necessary to comply with the following TEN COMMANDMENTS for safety:

• In the case of co-sleeping, the MimiConcept nest should always be located in the middle of the bed (never close to walls, the edges of the bed or in its upper part).

• Put your child to sleep on his/her side or back. This reduces the risk of SIDS.

• In the nest you can also put your child on his/her belly, which has a positive influence on his/her healthy development.

• Only do this if he/she is awake and under your supervision.

• The nest should not be used for carrying a baby.

• After putting your baby into the nest, check that your child’s head is on the nest’s head part and the positioning cord is pushed under the mattress.

• The nest must always be placed on a stable, solid, clean and safe surface.

• Keep your child’s sleeping space free of other items, such as toys, blankets, buffers and pillows.

• If your baby in the nest is on his/her tummy and raising his/her head, do not leave him/her.

• Never leave your child without supervision, in particular if he/she can roll over or crawl.

• The nest should always be used in the presence of an adult that is not under the influence of intoxicating or other addictive substances.

• Remember that non-compliance with these warnings could lead to death or serious injury.

The MimiConcept nest with protective cushions provides a baby with the correct back position when sleeping and also provides him/her with wide protection. It prevents a baby being lain on, banging his/her head on the headboard, rolling out of the cot, falling between the mattress or being pressed against the wall. The MimiConcept nest is produced from the highest quality materials. You will particularly appreciate the shape and surface of the buffers if you want to cuddle your baby and rest your face on him/her, or just hold him/her by the hand.

Washing instructions

• Remove the soft foam from the nest.

• Wash the soft foam by hand at no more than 40°C.

• You can wash the nest with the soft foam in a washing machine on an ordinary programme at a temperature of 40°C.

• Do not dry the nest or soft foam in a dryer or chemically clean them.

• As soon as you remove the nest from the washer, immediately plump up the buffer by hand, to get it back in its shape.

• Let the nest and soft foam dry freely in the air.

• When the soft foam is completely dry, put it back in the nest.

• You can now carry on using the nest.

Never leave your child unattended, under any circumstances.

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