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We like fresh design, gadgets that make everyday life with babies easier, and the feeling that together with the loving arms of the baby's mum we can help make babies feel good in the new home.

Safety pocket

We were losing our sleep over the original pocket system for drawstrings, so we designed a pocket with a firm Velcro closure, where loose drawstrings can easily hide.

It grows with the baby

As the baby grows, the nest can be easily extended at the feet, so you can use it longer than just during the new-born period.

Maximum softness to the baby's skin

We pride ourselves on making all our products comfortable and safe for the baby, so we only work with materials with Öko-Tex Standard 100 First Class certification, which means they can be in direct contact with the new-born's skin.

The whole family is involved in the testing

We pay attention to fresh and elegant design, we keep trying to invent gadgets that will make your life more pleasant and our products are sent into production only after they have passed the stress test on our own children.

Feeling of safety and sleeping regimen

Thanks to our cosy nests, your baby will feel safe and falling asleep will be easier, which is a great basis for establishing a sleep regimen that is so important to the well-being of the whole family.

Easy one-handed handling

When you become a mum, your hands are always busy and you often need to use your teeth and feet to help you during normal activities. But our products are designed in such a way that you only need one hand to handle them, because we know you are holding the little one in the other one.


Our nests help mothers not only at home but also in places where babies are born. We believe that it is important in maternity hospitals for new-born babies to feel the safety they need so much right after birth. We are very happy that thanks to your support, we can donate nests to places where the strongest bonds of life are established.

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